A female researcher in a lab coat engrossed in her work on a computer in a scientific setting.
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"Developing tools to help people with disabilities is the most exciting part of our work"

Women Lead

Michela Chiappalone is a scientist at the Italian Institute of Technology and coordinator of the EU-funded FET research initiative Brainbow, a project targeting the development of innovative neuroprostheses. In this video she shares thoughts on her research, work environment and on the challenge of combining her investigation activity with family life.

Stefano Buccelli, PhD student at the Italian Institute of Technology, describes the goals of Brainbow, the EU-funded FET research project he is involved in: the development of a new class of neuroprostheses for the treatment of damaged brain tissues.

Want to know more about the Brain Bow project? Have a look at this video.

Music credits: Fabian Measures via freemusicarchive.org.

Disclaimer: This story was originally developed as part of the FETFX project, the predecessor of our current initiative.

08 Jan 2018