Electric agroecological equipment, reducing soil compaction and CO2 emissions in farming.

The agricultural world is facing crucial challenges in shifting toward a sustainable yet profitable model. Indeed, soil degradation is a main driver of the climate and biodiversity crisis and causes a decline in productivity. 60% of EU soils are degraded, which directly impacts farmers while undermining the production of healthy and sustainable food. To achieve EU goals on climate and biodiversity, a new way of producing is needed, in which innovations play a key role.

The mission of SABI AGRI is to make a true difference in solving this challenge by deploying its unique blend of farming and engineering know-how. It delivers sustainable electric vehicles which preserve the soil from compaction while being carbon neutral.

With SWARM project, which started in 2022, SABI AGRI offers the first collaborative robotic fleet of lightweight electric vehicles combining tractors and robots. Aboard his electric tractor, the farmer works his field and pilots electric robots, which perform the same or complementary operations. SWARM provides unmatched environmental, economic, and social performances.

SWARM is the first cost-efficient alternative to heavy tractors, thanks to its great energy efficiency and significant versatility. It increases the work rate, responding to the current lack of manpower in agriculture. By decreasing soil pressure and being lightweight, its impact on the soil is up to three times lighter for a similar level of productivity. It enables agroecology to be performed on a large scale by invigorating soil regulations and biodiversity, leading to carbon storage.

Moreover, with zero CO2 emissions, each vehicle helps avoid the emissions of 10.4 tons of CO2 per year. This is a disruptive technology for cropping.
With SWARM and its sustainable electric vehicles, SABI AGRI is a major player in the agroecological transition, contributing to the achievement of carbon neutrality and the maintenance of all soils in healthy condition by 2050.

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