Developing flat panel antennas with proprietary beamforming tech for Ka band, aiming at mass adoption in LEO/MEO mega-constellations.

Greenerwave is developing a new type of flat panel antenna for the Ka band using proprietary beamforming technologies that shift the complexity from HW to SW, achieving low production costs and low energy consumption (at least x5 reduction compared to state-of-the-art in both cases), and thus solving the main bottleneck for mass adoption of LEO/MEO mega-constellations. The solution is seen as a key enabler for the EU-based planned IRISS multi-orbit constellation, a strategic asset for Europe.

Greenerwave has already received interest from 20+ European satellite operators (e.g. Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES/O3b), suggesting high market demand. Based on a B2B model and the establishment of solid partnerships, we forecast to achieve sales of 18.1k Ka antennas and licensing of 900k units in 2030, representing €152 million revenue. Our vision is to achieve mass-market adoption and become a global leading provider of flat panel antennas for user terminals in the consumer broadband market.

PROGRAMME: EIC Accelerator

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