Pioneering eco-friendly 3D cellulose materials for use in insulation, packaging, and beyond

FibriTech, established in 2018, is at the forefront of biomaterial innovation, developing durable and environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional industrial materials derived from fossil resources. Our goal is to combat the pollution and long-term waste issues caused by traditional materials, which release toxins and microplastics. We also recognize the limitations of plastic recycling, which is only temporarily effective and often incompatible with closed-loop economy principles. FibriTech researched and discussed stakeholder needs to tailor biomaterials to market demands and comply with regulations such as the Green Deal, CSRD, EU taxonomy, and UN SDGs.

That’s why FibriTech specializes in the development and implementation of biomaterials composed entirely of natural resources, predominantly plant fibers. These biomaterials exhibit a spatial three-dimensional, porous structure that combines lightness with strength. The technology is highly adaptable, enabling the creation of a new family of biomaterials for diverse industrial and consumer applications.

Currently, FibriTech is focusing on its first commercial application (TRL8/9): oil and petrochemical absorbers. These materials effectively absorb petroleum-based substances from water surfaces, aiding in environmental protection and mitigating pollution. They offer managing routine leaks from heavy machinery in various industries. Future plans include marketing substrates for soilless plant cultivation, which will facilitate precise control of nutrient content and moisture, reduce pest and disease risks, and decrease the reliance on peat, thereby conserving natural peatlands. FibriTech’s biomaterials can replace lightweight foamed plastics in numerous applications and are compatible with other natural materials like paper and wood, helping to reduce the demand for virgin timber resources.

As we move forward, FibriTech is committed to scaling technology and commercializing additional applications of our biomaterials. Our goal is to expand the reach and impact of our innovations, addressing a broader range of environmental challenges.

PROGRAMME: EIC Accelerator

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