Pioneering eco-friendly 3D cellulose materials for use in insulation, packaging, and beyond

We create eco fibrous-materials alternative to fossil-based materials.

For the first time ever, we are adding 3rd dimension to paper- or textile-like materials. We bond 3D structures from cellulose fibres, while preserving environmentally-friendly properties given by nature. It allows to achieve 100% eco material with external shapes and internal densities which have not been possible yet.

Our technology has been tested in eg. thermal/sound insulations, packaging, air filters. The aggregated market opportunity is +700 bn $. We would not replace all current products and some applications of plastics can be ecologically valid (post-recycling), but many of these markets need to find eco alternatives. A good example is use of lightweight cellulose 3D structures instead of difficult to recycle polystyrene in packaging.

The first product-market fit is biodegradable growing media (soilless substrates) for plant cultivations, due to increase of investments in Vertical Farms in COVID times.

PROGRAMME: EIC Accelerator

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