The DEEPSYNC platform is powered by EIC Communities, an EU-funded project to empower European innovators in the deep tech sector. It aims to increase the impact of the projects supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC), a programme of the European Commission designed to untap and power the EU innovation potential through breakthrough technologies. Three thematic communities will be established with the aim to facilitate interactions between EIC beneficiaries, namely, those who have received funding and mentoring from the EIC.

Working closely with EIC representatives and EIC Programme Managers, our initiative will pioneer new engagement practices and offer policy recommendations for research and innovation in the future of deep tech. Our objectives include:

  • Establishing three thematic communities around challenging deep tech topics
  • Encouraging collaborations among scientific innovators, policy makers, and industry leaders
  • Promoting broad, diverse and gender-inclusive deep tech communities
  • Shaping policies that drive innovation and inclusivity in the deep tech sector

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